I have been trying to build ArduPlane STIL in windows and can't seem to get the ArduPlane to build.

I get the following errors in the cygwin terminal.

First I changed the directory...


$ cd c:/ArduPlane-2.50/ArduPlane


Then I told it to make the files...

Bill@BillHomeVistaPC /cygdrive/c/ArduPlane-2.50/ArduPlane

$ make -f ../libraries/Desktop/Makefile.desktop

../libraries/Desktop/Desktop.mk:58: *** ERROR: cannot determine sketchbook location - please specify on the commandline with SKETCHBOOK=<path>. Stop.


Then since it said it needed a SKETCHBOOK path, I added it and then got the following...

Bill@BillHomeVistaPC /cygdrive/c/ArduPlane-2.50/ArduPlane

$ make -f ../libraries/Desktop/Makefile.desktop SKETCHBOOK=c:/ArduPlane-2.40/ArduPlane

../libraries/Desktop/Desktop.mk:62: WARNING: sketchbook directory c:/ArduPlane-2.40/ArduPlane contains no libraries

../libraries/Desktop/Desktop.mk:154: *** ERROR: sketch ArduPlane is missing ArduPlane.pde. Stop.


It seems others have been able to get this built. What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing?

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Can you build the target system using the Arduino IDE?

That will show that you have all the files in the right places.

Thanks for the reply.

Well, Yes and No. I can build the 2.4 version, but when I build the 2.5 version I get an error about 'AverageFilterFloat_Size5' which I am still trying to figure out.

It appears that based on the makefile, the libraries are not in the expected location. The warning about libraries is because the makefile is looking for the libraries in c:/ArduPlane-2.40/ArduPlane/libraries, but the libraries are actually up one level at c:/ArduPlane-2.40/libraries. The ArduPlane directory only contains files.

Where are "the right places"?



I can now successfully build version 2.5. I found that I misunderstood the directions to copy the libraries to the Arduino directory. I should have merged the library with the Arduino library.

However I still can not build SITL code, and I still don't understand what the directory structure should look like.

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