I am building a full carbon frame, in fact, I finished it and already tested it, if hovers great, but I am having problems with the yaw.

It yaws very hard to the right, but it's hard for the quad to yaw to the left.

I'm pretty sure that the issue is because 2 motor mounts are not completely straight, so I need to fix this deviation, I want to see that the props are completely parallel to the frame.

I am using 25mm outside diameter carbon tubes and it's been really hard to drill straight holes through it. :@

My question is, do you have any tips on how to make straight diametrical holes on tubes?

The closest thing to a drill press that I have is the dremel drill press.

Any ideas?


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You don't need to drill holes through depending on your setup. Just mark the location you know is perfectly vertical and then make sure everything lines up before each flight. A little give can be a good thing if you bonk into something or land hard.

Yeah, I decided to stop trying to drill perfectly straight holes and just modify the holes to make it "adjustable" if stuff does not look good.

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