Buying my first quadcopter

Well technically its my second. My first was a really cheap $50 mini quadcopter which lasted about as long as you would expect a cheap quadcopter to last.

So Im buying one and there seems to be a fair priced one in my local town. I was wondering if any could identify its bits and let me know if they think Im getting value for money :D

3691256199?profile=originalThe description reads:

"Brand New! Drone / Quadcopter 450 Carbon Fibre Frame APM 2.8 Flight Controller Radio Telemetry GPS Compass Fly Sky FS-TH9X 9 channel transmitter & 8 channel receiver 4200 Mah ONBO LiPo Battery (3S 25C) Balance Charger Battery LED Voltage Meter Ready to fly! Multiple preset flight modes: Manual, Stable (loiter), Direction Locked (simple), Altitude Hold, Auto and Return to Home. MAVLink compatible allowing for GPS way point mission flying and advanced tuning. PC or Android phone/tablet can be used as a ground station for the Radio Telemetry. Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function"

Im going to pick it up tomorrow and its costing me around $600. From what I can see online it does seem to be a fair price. Any guesses as to what hardware its running? :D Cant wait for tomorrow.

Im going to use this for hobbiest video footage. Recon this is a good buy for a cheapish starter quadcopter (that is not $50)

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