C# and Flight Gear

Hi;I'm developing a Ground Control Station for my homemade uav in C#. I also want to add the Flight Gear window to my project. Is there anyone who knows how can I do this?Thanks in advance...

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  • Hi Guys 

    Any update on the subject ??

  • Hi Farabi. can you share your GCS with me. Im also want to learn and develop GCS using c#.


  • FlightGear (FG) offers the generic I/O protocol. I've integrated it into my project the UAV Playground. You can download the source code including the UAVsim application here.

    Receiving flight data from FG is done in the FlightGearReceiver class.
    Sending control commands to FG is done in the FlightGearSender class.
    For receiving GPS data the FlightGearNMEAReceiver class is used.
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