Hi guys I have been encountered with this problem for a long time and still haven't solved yet.

The major problem of geotaging not working in FireFLY 6 Planner seems to be the numbers of both pictures taken and log data do not match out as the same.  I always see more log data being read than the images being read. (You can see the picture below that shows log read : 484, image read 470.)

I have bought many of this DIY products and still haven't received satisfied solution from this company. (It seems they do not provide technical problems for the customer support to DIY UAV purchasers). Any of you guys have encountered this problem? and anyone has solved this?

I have read many forums some suggestions that I had were

: Change SD card because it may read slower when the drone takes the pictures in automatic mode.

: Change certain value of the log file.

I haven't still found a solution to this problem.

Please help for this frustrated situation.


I really appreciate for your comments and advices !

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  • Charles,

    I have not used Pix4D Mapper as I have access to Photoscan Pro for SfM (point cloud reconstruction). I do not routinely use Geosetter although some think that is good practise. I tend to use it only if MP fails. The issue of accurate position for your images is a different matter. Using standard GPS these will always be inaccurate. For our AP work we use GCPs measured at present with a single frequency dGPS (accurate to ~4cm if you are lucky).  When alignment is done it is clear that the standard GPS in the UAV is very poor or more likely the time of shutter release is poorly recorded. A better solution (which we are about to deploy) is to use a dGPS system on the UAV (we have both  emlid reach [ https://emlid.com/reach/ ] and a drotek [ https://drotek.com/shop/en/drotek-parts/762-l1-rtk-gnss.html ] system). We have also now switched to a sony A6000 (i.e. a compact camera with hotshoe) so that we can record shutter release time using one of these ( http://www.tuffwing.com/support/reach_geotag_event_hot_shoe_cable.html ). We hope this will give us better accuracy on the images and eventually cut out the need for GCPs (everyone is searching for this!).

    Hope that is of interest.


    Reach M+
    Reach M+ is a compact and affordable GNSS RTK module for precise navigation and UAV mapping. Centimeter accuracy without GCP for $265.
  • Darrel,

    You have given to me such great resources!

    Geosetter seems to be an alternative solution to the Mission Planner that has inaccurate geo tag functions. I currently do have Pix4D Mapper Pro to geo tag the images, however, I am not sure which software to use among Geosetter, Pix4DMapper Pro, and Mission Planner. I want to find out which could be the best solution to use for geo tagging. Could you tell me if I think for each characteristic of program is right?

    • Pix4D Mapper : I know how to geo tag with Pix4D mapper but I am not sure if it is fairly accurate. I am not sure Pix4D Mapper is better than Geosetter for geotagging because I have never used geosetter.
    • Geosetter : Seems to be popular because they are accurate, however, manually checking the geo tagging images take some time.
    • Mission Planner : Originally people used the most but many errors have been occurred for geotagging and program is not stable. two options : time offset : very inaccurate to geo tag , CAM message : there are errors for reading the numbers of log and images.

    I hope this discussion gives many feedbacks to everyone and helps for people who have troubles with geotagging and want to find out the best way to geo tag. Lets discuss about this topic because I know everyone wants to find out the solution!

    Charles Kim.

  • Charles,

    I have also had this problem a number of times and not yet resolved a solution. I turn to geosetter ( http://www.geosetter.de/en/download/ ) when I get this. It also has problems but sometimes I get a satisfactory solution, There is a nice video here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBNRqo6q8E ) if you have not used this before,

    I will watch this thread with interest


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