Hi, 1st time posting and just starting my masters in robotics so looking for help.

The idea is to use a camera as the copters eye and then overlay sonar information over the top so for example it "sees" a tree and the sonar tells it it is x meters away and has depth and width and essential gives the copter a 3d view of its environment.

So now we have that 3d view the copter knows its altitude and thus the centerline height of its eye so can calculate the height of in this example the tree. Now I'm sure your all thinking "so??" Well my reason is for advanced terraim following via gps way points or for personal tracking etc. Now the copter can run a course at 5 meters of altitude and rather than get to said tree think oh a tree and avoid it it can increase altitude on its approach clear tree and descend.

I dont know if im explaining all this very well, but basically I want it to read and preempt its environment so it moves fluidly rather than move and essentially bump into, stop and then respond. Does this sound possible or indeed been done and how? I did a few searches but any help really appreciated!

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No advice, ideas or help? Hmmm guess I will just have to start from scratch... Will start a blog once it gets off the ground.

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