So I've never been 100% sure on this.

When using Survey (Grid) in Mission Planner, what focal length is the software asking for?  Is it true focal length (i.e. that which is printed on the lens) or do we need to convert it to its 35mm equivalent?  Since you're also inputting the sensor dimensions I'd imagine converting to 35mm isn't necessary, but I just want to be sure.  

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  • It's not the 35mm equivalent. It's actual focal length. Look at the examples to confirm.
    • Hi there, im really scratching my head to understand this part as must be so simple i just cant seem to get it...

      What are the examples you are referring to?

      Basically i want to fly higher and zoom with my camera but i cant calculate what settings to use...altitude about 200m

      i have a canon s100 and the focal length (FL) on it is 24-120mm, but the canon sx260 when you select it in the "survey grid" option in Mission PLanner (MP) has a default FL of 4.5 so i dont see the connection...

      So the problem is what should i put in the CHDK file for the zoom parameter as there they use % im quite confused.

      any help appreciated


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