Camera Gimbal Using Transmitter

Hi everyone,

Here is what I would like to do:
I have a working Quad using APM2.5 and the mission planner software. Vehicle is stable, flies perfectly! Now I want to add the next part of my project. I have a camera mounted on top with a gimbal I made using 2 servos: 1 for 360 degree rotation, 1 for panning up and down. I want my quad to fly normally and then be able to land it, disarm the motors, and use the same RC controller to control the gimbal without having the quad move.

My question is this: Can this be done using the mission planner or do I need to use the arduino source code in order to do this?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  • I don't know about using MP or arduino to control the cam gimbal, but I'd also be interested in that too for mine.  Ideally, I'd like to set some waypoints in an arc and program the gimbal to focus on a specific place along the flight path during the flight. (For instance, someone standing on a cliff.)

    As for the placement of the cam, have you considered mounting it underneath the quad body rather than on top? If the body is of any size, it can block your view when panning down. Mounting the camera off-center can make flight more difficult, since it throws the overall balance off.  If if works for you, though, go with that.

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