Camera Gimball Servo Control

Having finished the camera Gimball I'm very happy with it apart from the control I've got over the servos from the APM2.0

The movements seem very coarse and slow. If I tilt the machine quickly the gimball lags behind but does go level. I've tried different servos from DS610, DS620 and finally a very quick BLS251 but they all perform the same. 

There seems to be no fine control and the servo movements are coarse even though they are taking the gimball level, I've adjusted the end points and angles in MP so that a level camera platform is achieved in any orientation.

If the servo output was quicker and smoother it would be perfect.

Is there any way to adjust this ?   Is the gimball control somehow tied in with the PID's - particularly Rate_D since I seem to get a better response with less rate_d.

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  • The pin out put is digital isn't it ?

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