Camera placement

hello guys!

I'm building UAV for aerial mapping purposes and I got simple question.

How should I place camera in my UAV? Along or across?

What is better camera position for creating orthophotos, DTM's etc?



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  • Across+1. Along overlap can be controled by camera intervalometer. You probably have seen people place the camera in along orientation in skywalker 1990. But that's because the fuselage is not wide enough to do it the other way.
  • Across, perpendicular to direction of flight. This increases the area photographed on the sides of the vehicle, which reduces the number of lanes you need to fly to survey the entire area. If your forward speed is too high to get a decent forward overlap, you could consider doing it the other way.

    The camera position or attitude?  You should aim the camera downwards, not at an angle. When at an angle you introduce some obliqueness to the image which reduces accuracy a bit. If a gimbal can be fitted, this can be used to compensate for roll and pitch movements to maintain next to perfect nadir view.

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