Please help.

I have setup my camera trigger according to Arducopter wiki pages.  I am using pin AN9 and also use ch7 (trigger camera).  Good news is if I measure the signal pin of AN9 I can see it goes high (4.65V) when I trigger ch7.  Bad news if I connect my relay (HFD23) to ground and signal pin it will not switch relay?  The voltage drop falls to about 0.325V with no switching.  I only need about 35mA to switch the relay.  I tested the relay by just connecting it to 5V and ground on AN9 and it does switch with no problems.


I am now wandering if the port (AN9) is setup correctly during camera trigger to supply enough current?  Do I need an external transistor to switch my relay? 


Please help. 



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I manage to get it working.  Just follow the LED connection section and then use the same electronic chip as recommended for the apm1.  Instead of 12V I use the 5V from the APM2.5 as power source and it works fine.

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