Camera Stablization - Reverse servo direction pitch

I've wired up my camera stablization mount, however, I need to reverse the pitch servo direction.


Normally if a servo is going in the wrote direction, you would just reverse the servo on the radio.


Because the servo is being controlled by the APM, when I pitch down, the camera should pitch up to compensate.  However its reversed, so I need to reverse the servo, I can't physically reverse the servo, so I'm assuming that somewhere in the code I can reverse the pitch server direction.


Can someone please show me where to look.


I am using Ardupirates NG.

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    Ok, I edited to code and it works.


    Even though my 3 position switch is connected to APM input 7, the in flight PID adjustment didn't seem to work.


    I'd send an 'o' followed by 'a' and then toggle the switch to reduce the amount of camera pitch, but it didn't seem to do anything.  in flight pid tuning is enabled in config.h


    So a work around was to add a GCS command '#' which would look like this '# 650,650;'

    it would set camera_smoothing = value 1 and camera_smoothing_roll = value 2


    Then I'd save it to EEPROM with 'W', that seemed to work.

  • 2 ways to get there:


    1. make CAM_SMoothing negative (through inflight PID tuning)


    2. open Events.pde look for "APM_RC.OutputCh(CAM_TILT_OUT, limitRange("

        write ' - ' directly after this piece of code (you need to add it in 8 different lines, always after this piece)

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