• Hi Reuben

    I know, this is pretty old thread - but I need it.

    Do you still over trigerring cable?  I like to have that stuff for my Sony RX100 mk3. I want to trigger it from Pixhawk.

  • Found this by searching "camera trigger cable for Canon"

    I just bought an X8+ and have mounted a Canon SX260HS on vibration isolation rig. The only open and confusing item left is the "trigger cable to the camera from the Pixhawk board. Of note is that the Canopn has a mini usb, not a micro. The other duh is where to connect on the board.

    On a side note, I have downloaded the software to the camera card and alll is ready to go except the interface cable. Then I will be able to test on a mission for the functions.

    Thanks, in advance for your guidance and the cable reply to skyvideoct at gmail. CT address by private email. Jay

  • Hi there, I was interested in learning how to create a RC shutter cable for my GH2.

    Do you know where can I find the information do build one myself?


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Aug 25