Camera Trigger On RC 8

Hi AllI am trying to set up the camera trigger on rc8 as per the wiki, I have a 2 axis gimbal working off rc 10 and 11 which is working perfect but I cannot get the camera to trigger off rc 8. If I change the settings to 10 or 11 it works perfectly, however I then don't have my gimbal.Please help this is driving me nuts!Charlie

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  • Hi Charlie,

    Sorry for reply on the old thread, I have same problem as you.

    How do you manage to trigger camera using other RC port and still use your 2 axis gimall on RC10 & RC11 ?

    Thanks in advance


  • Deleted previous post as now working perfectly. Thanks for the advice.
  • is your CAM_TRIGG_TYPE set to 1 (relay)?

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