Hi All,

I haven't used the auto camera trigger function for a long while and went to set it up in arducopter 3.15, however it doesn't seem to be available anymore, or maybe I am missing it!

How do I program the apm to take a photo when reaching each waypoint, there used to be a parameter for that?

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You didn't say what type of camera triggering you are using, servo or relay?
You can find all your answers in the wiki


Oops, yes a servo.

Thanks for the wiki link, didn't think of looking at the plane wiki as I am using multicopters.

Having looked at the wiki it is quite laboursome now using the do_set_servo command each time, does that mean the old function of telling it to take a photo at each waypoint has been withdrawn then?

No it's still there and useful in some circumstances.
It can be done automatically using the Survey Tool and selecting Digicam control.

Thanks, I'll look into it further. :)

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