Hey guys,

I was wondering about a problem I have!  I have an excellent Aircraft, it can stay aloft for 30 min on 1/8 gallon tank.. The only problem is the vibration the camera may receive from my 25cc (weed eater) engine.

Couldn't I just put on some rubber buffers,foam?   I am certainly no engineer, but I don't think it should be to hard to overcome. Thanks in advance for your inputs!

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I've never tried aerial photography from a gas powered aircraft but I bet you're right.  You could probably just put down some strategically placed foam/damper pads.  You should check into some Moongel.

IMNSHO, I think these are the best vibration dampers.  Fairly easy to make too.

They are simply small pieces of hose, pierced in two places with screws stuck through the holes.  I used hose with 1/2" OD, 1/4" ID.  You can use latex rubber hose to make them super soft, silicone rubber hose for medium softness, or even kevlar reinforced rubber heater hose from an automotive supply for a firmer mount.

Thanks, I will look into this!!
Thank you!! I will look it up!!

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