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In Airborne Projects from time to time we have customers requesting advanced MultiPort functionality on our DROTAG but we are not sure if there is interest on it.

We also have a tradition of releasing infrastructure code that we develop for our products (see libexif RAW tagging support, ArduPilot code, Mavlink2FrSky converter).

We are now interested in using, documenting and providing information on how to use the MultiPort protocol. Of course we would have our uses but we think the community could benefit also. The "hacker" we have a contact with is aiming at 2300 Euros with all the costs of material and work. The guy is an experienced CHDK developer and reverse engineer. We have also worked with him in the past with great success.


He would provide documentation and example usages of:

* Zoom In/Out

* Camera On/Off

* Video Recording On/Off

* Triggering (is more or less available on the Internet)

My idea is that we would set up a product page and people would support with what is thought fair. If the campaign fails either by lack of deliverable or funding target failed, we would refund the money (PayPal only). Airborne Projects will provide 600 Euros to the pot so we are needing 1700 Euros.

Let me know if you or your organization would be interested in helping us out in this funding campaign?

Paulo Neves

Airborne Projects

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  • Interesting project
  • There's many commercial solutions like this and code is pretty much out there for simple triggering and zoom so that's not so much a problem. But full control has not been reversed engineered although it seems some are looking into it it is quite tricky. I'm not sure how the new class of industrial versions of the Sony a7s are controlled but their protocols must be shared as they lack an interface.
  • @Kurt, this looks quite cool and I did not know about it. Even so it is not open source, which is what I was proposing. Regardless I think for most uses this is enough, even for us.
  • http://wiki.mikrokopter.de/en/CamCtrl

    en/CamCtrl - MikrokopterWiki
  • The uart is only from FC to their unit. Not to the camera.
  • My mistake. Further investigation and it communicates through infra red sensor. I believe it has exposure control via some battery compartment connection. But that's it.
  • @Nathaniel: I checked the Air Commander and it looks like a commercial product, not in any part open source. Can you clarify where is the code or documentation proposed?

    @John: I checked that blog a long time ago and from what I understand he was never able to communicate through the UART (actually I am not sure he got basic UART settings right). In sum, the start recording as well as other functions are not demonstrated in this research. Am I wrong?

  • I think the guys behind air commander have pretty much mapped all functions now. also have uart control. Which it was open source though. 

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