If so how?  I have the following happening..

During the mission, my plane will switch out from AUTO to RTL very quickly then back to Auto.  I am using a Frsky modified Turnigy 9x and I can fly about 1.5 KM without any RC signal problems, so I am sort of thinking it is not my radio.  I suppose I could have some minor outages though and not know it if I didn't have the APM2 and the failsafe set to RTL, so I'm not sure.

This doesn't happen very often, but it is weird.  I am trying to sort out why.  I have a separate UBEC powering the APM2 , but from the main flight battery.  Could it be that my flight battery discharge rate is too low, and sometimes can't keep up?  I am using Turnigy 2200 with a 20C/30C ,, so they are kinda cheap.

I would think that the flight battery , which does have a voltage sag when high throttle, would still easily keep a solid 5 volts on the APM2.  

So I was wondering how to analyze the log files..  Do I convert them to txt files then look for something?  I just don't know.

Thanks for any help.

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  • Loss of RC control signal is the likely candidate here. I don't see how a brownout condition would cause this, unless your RX is turning off (unlikely).

    How is your RX failsafe setup?

    How is the APM failsafe setup?

    You cannot check the logs for brownout, but you can check the logs for mode changes and received RC signal outputs.

  • SO I am guessing this is not something one could determine from the log files.. ok , well Just curious

  • In the manual there is a link to log use:


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