Can I connect 9XR, XJT, X8R, Via S.Bus to APM2.6 16 Channels

Can I connect 9XR, XJT, X8R, Via S.Bus to APM2.6 16 Channels

I have spent some time researching this, but not getting any firm answers. So help please.

I currently have a 9XR (Stock Firmware) with a FrSky XJT, X8R RX connecting via PWM to APM2.6.

I wanted more channels for Camera/Gimbel etc.
So I was about to get a S.Bus to CPPM to connect to the APM and free up the PWMs or a S.BUS to 4Ch. PWM.

Then I noticed there is now Firmware available to Natively, support, S.BUS on the APM2.6 via upgrading the STM32 PWM Decoder.

General reports are, it seems to work.

Although a little concerned there is no reference to the creator or the source code.
BUT! as I have a 9XR, I seem to understand you can only use 12 of the 16 Channels as a limitation of the CPPM.

I would also like to upgrade to OpenTX.

So to the Questions:-
1. Should I do the STM32 upgrade for the S.Bus support, have any of you tried it?
2. If I do the upgrade and configure the X8R to Mode4(D16). Am I correct in assuming the TX CH 1-8, then become CH 9-16 on the S.Bus and the remaining TX CH 9-12 are output on the RX PWM CH 1-4. With the remaining 5-8 not usable.
3. This will work with OpenTX?
4. I am assuming it is possible that OpenTX will evidently support the remaining 4 Channels via S.Bus Implementation in the 9XR?
[URL=""][/URL] but this seems to be a long term milestone. Anyone know any more about it?
Many thanks

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