Hello There,

I have 2 quick question, I got a predator on his way 74" from Hking in which I ve planned to set up 2 x 5000mAh batteries that weight around 500gr each.
( Google says 500 grams = 17.636981 ounces )

Do you think that this is something doable ? Do you thing that it would be too heavy for the wings ?

My other question concern the Antenna, I d like to have one antenna 8dbi, my question is about the location :
- located on the top of the frame, near CG around the middle ( so the antenna is looking up)
- or on the same level but on bottom frame, so looking down ( between the wheels more or less )

Could any of these location bother the flight in a manner or another ?

Thanxs to all for your great knowledge !!!!

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Sure, you can mount the batteries under the wing. But I think you'll have trouble getting the CG right. What will you use for weight in the nose?
You might be better to put one in the nose and one between the landing gear. Under the wings may give you longitudinal stability problems (roll) as well as pitch problems with all that added weight. From other people's reported experience this plane is already difficult to fly without doubling the weight and messing with the CG.

Hi Chris,


Thanks a lot for your answer that's gold to me really, 

In front I ll have:

- The APM
- A Larson scanner ( http://evilmadscience.com/productsmenu/tinykitlist/152-scanner ) [ Yeah I know that's so geek but I believe that would look awesome with the predator paint in black ]
- An IR Camera for FPV I m not sure which of these 2 models below I will choose yet it depend of how much load the Predator can take.
First one is near 500Grammes ( 17.6 ounce ) [ http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/431578085-IR-Camera-with-1-3-i... ]  
Second one is around 200Grammes  ( 7 ounce ) [ http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/365741534-Security-CCTV-Camera... ] 


In any case I will need to counter-weight so I can permit some extra weight in front, if anyone is interested in the cam above, I used to work in my previous job with the first model and the quality by night is quiet awesome  and they are not as big as they seems on the pictures. 

I have the tech specs somewhere if someone want them just drop me a line.


Since I m here anyone could orientate me on the kind of brushless I should use to send this 4kg bird into the sky ?
I ve seen a rule of 150w / Kilo but I m not sure if it was kilo and neither how to calculate this.


Thanks a lot !!


Oups sorry, I replied above !
I think you are overloading the airframe. 2x500g batteries, additional electronics plus a 200-500g camera, you are adding 1.5-2.0 Kg to this plane.

Don's right, you are building a rock!  

 Plus, this model has a difficult moment of balance as it is.

Pick a diff airframe, one based on practicality, not romantic looks. 


Everyone seems to want to start with the Predator!    Sheeeez!



Hi Don,

Thanks a lot for your answer !

I m close to 2KG with this set up ( I still have the android device and the FPV system ) so even if I remove a battery I ll still be at around 1.5KG

But in my understanding with a motor that is powered enough it should not be such big deal 2KG , in another topic I found an excel sheet from another member referring to payload/plane in which they state 1.8K for the predator 74", I dont know if they include equipement or not but in any case I m just 200Gr above , that's what makes me believe it should be aight with a bit of power and faith
What do you think ? Do you have any experience with this bird (Bad or Good :) ?

I know what everyone says about it but I think it is really HOT ! :)
Hi Sgt !

It's already almost all done on paper, the airframe is almost on the way and I already got quiet a lot of accesoiries ready lol

As you can see I m not about to change airframe, I will just make it work ! lol

But seriously I picked up this airframe because I knew I wont need tight curves or acrobatic mouvement, mainly predefined waypoint navigation and circling around a defined point so I believe it is good enough

I understand why people start with the predator, take my case, I m a bored engy who find this website around 10 month ago and I know I m going to make one UAV and not 5 or 10 like you guys who are real pro to me, so this one will be the one, and the Predator to me seems to be the one specially for something like EUR50, I can understand that people goes for it.

But Yh I know it is just going to work, I just need patience, hours of preparation and simulation and may be few posts but it will work !!!!

One day I will proudly come to show you a Barcelona's tourist sky tour's video :))) !

My point on why we all noobs go for the Predator ! A lot may fail but there is nothing that can't be achieved and I saw some sucessfull video of that sexy plane !

Sheeeeezzzz !!

Thanks for this advice I will totally consider this disposition !


I wish you luck. Perhaps it will work.

For a laugh, and maybe something to think about, watch this video.


LMAO ! Awesome, but there are several ways to learn and at the end the only thing that count is the experienced acquired :)

Hello Shekou,


I think the first question that needs to be asked, which has been over looked, is how much flying experience do you have Shekou?


It's one thing to place a plane up there, it's another to be able to do that time and time again with the same plane, if you have years of flight experience I would say go for it, any plane can and will fly given enough skill and power, however if you are lacking the first part and have enough of the second you best be ready for some delays between flights while waiting on new airframes being delivered.

The plane which you are talking about has some very interesting flight "issues" at lower speeds, tip stalls. These are very hard to recover as they occur most often at low level and slower speeds, or landings as some would call them, loading any air frame up with a great deal of weight will always increase the speed needed to keep it up! So fast landings will be the order of the day.........





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