• Thank you all I just tried and I manage to powered it up was the jumper j1 not connected problely. But now I got a different problem the telemetry seem not responding I will open another tread about it

  • Little bump for help
  • yes to power it up it should work.
    Use recharchable batteries (ni-cd or ni-mh) as their voltage is 1.2 volts per battery.
    if you use non recharchable batteries the average voltage will be 4x1.5V = 6V. Thats the absolute max for the APM board. I would not recommend that because you risk damaging the board.

    I would not use that battery holder to fly an aircraft because the reliability of such a thing is not great. when a battery drops out because of vibrations or (acrobatic) movements of the aircraft you lose power which will result in a crash.

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