Can I replace the DIYDrones-HMC5843 with Sparkfun-HMC5843

Hi All:


    I need to use the HCM5843 magnetometer in my project urgently. Howver, now in our DIYDrones store, it is out of stock.


    I am wondering Can I replace the DIYDrones-HMC5843 with Sparkfun-HMC5843?


    It seems that they are the same in terms of the output format and sensor chip. Only the apprearance is different.


    Any suggestion and information is appreicated.


    Thanks in advance.



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It's the exact same sensor, so yes, of course you can.

The only difference (for you) is that the DIYD unit has an onboard voltage translator - you won't be able to hook up the Sparkfun (3V) unit to a 5V Ardupilot directly. It would kill the sensor.
Many thanks, Martin, for your information and support.

Will pay special attention to the voltage regulation issue when I use the Sparkfun unit.
And u have to add two pull up resistors to use de i2c bus. see the topics bellow:

good luck!
Woo, the posts are exactly what I am looking for, so detailed and professional.

Many thanks, Carlito, for sharing them with me.

Will buy and test in my ArduIMU and get back to you guys on my result.
Hello, I need some help here about the magnetometer. I have a HMC5843 (the red board) from Sparkfun and I would like to reset de magnetometer to its factory default state, because after a setup error, the magnetomer gives me now bad values (I.e.: MagX:-32, MagY:32, MagZ:-32,)...
Could someone can give me an answer here.
Thanks for your help,

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