i am looking for telemetry modem that can be used both as modem for data-link and remote control??? i m working on my final project to build UAV with GCS...

please suggest any modem you know that meets my requirement.


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  • You could look at dragonlink. They advertise both control and FPV. UHF.

    I haven't bought anything from them, have heard a couple of commants, don't know how valid they are?

    Their web page didn't give me a ton of confidence. parts of it are pretty, but video demos don't really demonstrate the claims.

    Maybe someone else knows how good they are.

  • for 2 years, I use a single connection (xBee Modem) for Remote Control and Telemetry.

    I built my own and control console (with arduino UC)

    Show the résult: http://diydrones.com/photo/wbcommander?context=user

    I prepare a new console with Color LCD and many new function :)

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