Alright I've been seeing simulare problems on here about MP connecting to APM, but i cant find the articals, and I dont know if its the same problem?


When I down load the firmware I get a

"Upload Succeeded, but verify failed: exp 11 got FF at 122880"


And again I canot connect to Mavlink with this firmware? Hoever I can cooect with the APM Simulator firmware?

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Which firmware are tying to upload? Have you tried another PC?

The current APM firmware (the one u click the plane button on the MP)

And yes I have tried on my uncle's computer and my laptop with the same problem?

I also noticed that before this firmwar I used to get a green light on the APM when I plugged it in, and now there is no green light?

1280 or 2560 board? Do you have another board you can test?


I can't replicate the issue.

I only have a 1280

and my arduino wont open to upload the old way? lol

I thought they just found that to be a problem with the fuse settings on a 1280 board... i'd have to do a search; but thought i read that today.



Please let us know.. its a little frustrating, I have a RC club meeting at 7 and Im suppose to demo this UAV... its work up intill now =/

here is the Post

Ok, So I have a bad fuse problem? I dont have a programmer thing like that guy?

So will i have to send it to DIYdrones tofix? =[

Hard to tell, but it sounds like you may have corrupted something. If you can't load any code on the board with Arduino, you may need to reburn the bootloader. Easy to do with an AVR programmer, but not if you don't. 


Also check your USB connector on the IMU board and make sure nothing's come loose.

Its not that I cant upload the coad to APM...Its that Ardunio wont open? it starts to open then disapears like i never clicked it, and no i dont have a AVR Programmer?


If Arduino won't open, you have PC issues. Nothing to do with APM. Reboot your PC, and if that doesn't work, reinstall Arduino. 

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