Can (should) I flash BLHeli onto this ESC? How?


I'm fairly new to flashing ESCs and I have a few questions that I could not find conclusive answers to. Please excuse me if this has been covered somewhere, or is implicit knowledge (and kindly point me to the right direction).

I think I need to flash BLHeli onto my ESCs for my Octo build, since I'll be using rather low KV motors (320) so I don't want to have sync issues. (Is this correct so far? I read that SimonK has problems with low KV motors).

If so, will I be able to flash BLHeli onto the following ESC? "ZTW Spider Series 30A OPTO Multi-Rotor ESC 2~6S (SimonK Firmware)"

The name suggests it comes pre-flashed with SimonK. I have read that the bootloader is also called SimonK, so I suppose I can (should) have the SimonK bootloader with BLHeli firmware. I hope I'm correct so far.

I have also found an Atmel Flashing Tool (white plastic handle) at HobbyKing, which is essentially an adapter between (some?) AVR chips and an ISP interface (which I know very well). But how do I know if the ZTW Spider Series has the correct AVR chip? What if the chip has a different pinout? What if it's an entirely different chip?

Thanks for any help!

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