Hi All,

I'm finishing build of my first quad. Can someone take a minute to look what i did? Any advice will be greate about electronic placement etc. The ESC signal wires are temporary not in place just attached to spin up the motors. Reciver AR6210 with sattelite is in good place? Power module is my pain as i don't know where to put it, so is on the side of the quad for now... 

Also when i ARM the copter the motors not spin slowly by itself (i use newest firmware AC3.1.2) but when i push a throttle for a little up and go down the motors spin slowly and then one of them stop... Is that normal? I use Spectrum dx6i TX. please for any help...

Ps. I fly helicopters for 4 years (600 and 450) so not so noob in RC.

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have you calibrated your ECS, I had the similar problem until I re ran my esc configuration, also make sure that your rc transmitter is properly calibrated and settings are recorded before you do any motor/esc calibrations, if you make any changes to the remote control always redo the esc calibration, just what I had learned to do to avoid things like you are experiencing, it also might mean that your compass is no calibrated right so its doing some weird correcting with the motors to level it out, I am not sure, but the ESC is the more plausible scenario

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