I just bought the ArduPilot mega, and now i am trying to connect it to my computer...

I am running windows 7, APM planner 1.0.46 and i have installed the usb drivers...

But when i try to connect, i starts counting down from 29, and it gives me timeout... I have set the switch away from servo pins, i have pressed reset after... Still wont connect..

I tried the other position and choose "terminal" it said "open com port" and right under it sais "f0f0*arrow up*?*arrow up*???" and so on, but if i try to write "help" and press enter nothing happens...


What is it I am doing wrong?



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Have you loaded the APM or ArduCopter firmware?

Ah, I thought that i had to connect first, than load the firmware. I got it to work now.

Thanks :)

Can you help me make the instructions clearer? Do you have a link to the page that confused you?

When i read it now, it makes sense, so just a misunderstanding. I did it the way the guide said, but after i configured my computer i started trying to connect, even with the switch in both modes...

But when i read it now, it makes sense :)




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