My APM 2.5 starts and goes directly (after calibration) to B yellow LED ARMED and I can't disam it, my TX is calibrated and working with APM, I can connect APM via wireless telemetry, but even if I press the mission planner DISARM button nothing happens, the board stills armed. The motor is always ready. 

Can someone help me on this? 

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You say the TX is calibrated and working with APM1.  Did you did you do the calibration through mission planner or through the CLI with the APM2.5?

Mission Planner. But I can't disarm even with the disarm button at mission planner. 


Its a X8 Wing. Radio is RFD900 and besides the ARD/DISARM everything is working with the telemetry. Its the latest firmware and mission planner, didn't test with any other.

Well, still can't disarm the plane. As soon as APM finishes the calibration procedure it just ARM itself (yellow light and ARMED message at HUD) and I can't disarm it, not even with the button arm/disarm in ACTION menu. I did a reset and installed the firmware again (Arduplane 2.66) and the latest mission planner, but still no change. 

I ruled out RADIO calibration since the ACTION button won't work either...  

What I'm missing here? Please help me, I almost cut a finger today because this... 

Did you ever end up fixing this and/or getting an answer? just put a new APM 2.6 in my AXN and I have the same issue...

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