Can't save camera gimble parameters

Hi - I am trying to set up my camera (Canon A2200 running CHDK) so I can activate the shutter using a relay. I can use this setup successfully if I plug the relay directly into one of the RC receiver pins but I'd like to be able to active it using APM 2.5 so I can take photos over waypoints. I am trying to follow the instructions at but I can't figure out how to save my settings in the Camera Gimble window. I set the "Shutter" drop-down menu to "relay" but if I restart the Mission Planner all the settings in the Camera Gimble window are blank. Is there some sort of "write parameters" button I'm not seeing? I set the CH7 option (in Arducopter PID table) to “Trigger Camera” for testing but that didn't seem to have any effect. 

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