Canadian UAVs

Thought I'd start some info flow on Canadian UAV activity and hopefully focus on non-combat uses.

These are a few links that popped up first when I did a search.

Just a start, I will work on keeping more interesting info coming...

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  • Well to get a SFOC in Canada is not so easy but you can, try to contact the CCUVS (Canadian Center for UVS) , they can give you all information you need to .

    And even with a SFOC you can't fly beyond visaul range and more than 400ft high so it s the same as flying in a MAAC airfield ( )

    Other source of info (more commercial)
    Unmanned Systems Canada (and UAVSI Canada, they merged month ago)

    and an old chapter of DIYdrone in Alberta with links to some canadian manufacturer and user of UAV
  • Hi Ron, thanks for the links. I have been dealing with a couple Canadian civilian corporations as well:

    Micropilot (including the cropcam UAV) -

    Aerial Insight -

    Especially the last company has, in my opinion, looked at all the different components of a UAS system, including data processing. Thas something I have not seen from many other UAV companies out there.
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