Cannot change parameters of ArduPilot

Hi,the default settings for my arducopter (version 2.6) are not correct. The copter (DJI F450) reacts extremely fast to all changes and it is very wobbly. Manual says that this is due to RATE_RLL_P and RATE_PIT_P being too high. I tried to change these parameters and I run into a huge problem. I can't change them.When I connect and go to the Extended Tuning section the parameters are way to high, 0.5340 or something like that. When I refresh parameters, the value is 0.1440. RFepeated refreshing will stick at this value. When I change these parameters (to 0.1200 for example) and write them, next do a refresh, the values are back to 0.1440 again. I tried to change the Basic Tuning and the Full Parameter List: to no avail. It is heartening to see the same parameters change in each section but the values do not persist. Combined with the weird values when the parameters are read for the first time something appears to be wrong but I don't know what. Any suggestions anyone?Oh, and before I forget: in all other respects this *is* a wonderful program.Regards,Arnold

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  • I just performed this on my APM 2.8 board. Hopefully it'll work

  • Developer

    I would suggest formatting the EEPROM and starting over again. You can do this by going into Terminal and doing a setup -> erase. That may help.

    • Thanks! That did the trick. Parameters are persistently saved as I can see from Mission planner, APM planner and Droidplanner. The error of wrong values when first loaded does not occur anymore. I should've erased the EEPROM at all to get some decent logs. Didn't know that :-) But I found no reference of erasing the EEPROM when you want to change parameters. Anyhow, it works and thanks very much for your suggestion.



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