Cannot connect to APM 2.5 with USB

This is new. I jsut upgraded the mission planner and I cannot connect with USB to the APM 2.5. If I use the wireless telemetry there is no problem, it connects right away.

The COM 19 is installed as "Arduino Mega 2560" and has no errors.

Yes the mission planner refuses to open it ant to talk to the APM 2.5.

The error is that COM19 does not exists... See te Error_1.JPG

If I try to upload the new firmware I get error 2 attached below. 

Any takers on this? Please help.



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  • Does Device Manager or equivalent detect APM 2.5 being connected, maybe a corrupted USB driver. Uninstall Mission Planner, re-install Mission Planner, also try a different USB port if re-install doesn't work. Try a different USB cable and inspect USB connector on APM 2.5 for damage.

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