Hi, I’m on the fence between purchasing the Canon sx260 or the s100. I plan on using the camera for aerial photography with my quad at first, maybe trying some aerial mapping later down the road.  At the moment I’m kind of leaning toward the sx260. I've found a store that is selling it for $200.00 with a optional drop coverage policy .  Does anyone who’s had a personal experience with either of these cameras have any recommendations?


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The SX260 is pretty well proven in that role and there are plenty of CHDK scripts to go around. Here's ours: http://event38.wikispaces.com/file/view/TvEvent38.bas/417451628/TvE...

Thanks! I bought the SX260.

Hi. I have a question. Who send the SHOT command? yoour autopilot unit or just the camera timer?

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