can't disarm+ LED bug ?

on AC 2.0.23


the apm boot up and after calibration the green LED is steady on (meaning it's armed)

but actually it is not armed, throttle doesnt work.


when i arm, the LED stays solid on, then the throttle works.


when i disarm (even 10 sec long!)

the green LED stays on solid, but when i raise throttle it will spin !

which mean i can't disarm motors.


radio calibrated 10 times.


anyone else having this ?

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  • strange.. problem seem to be solved...
  • hello. I had a problem a bit like that, but it had to do with the trim. If you adjust the trim to the right, when you try to disarm, the radio doesn't reach the most left value and doesn't recognize it as a disarm command. Try to center trim and them try to disarm if that was the case.

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