Hi Everyone,

First post here and this forum looks awesome. I'm just looking to building my first ArduCopter Quad. I fancy building a custom frame for it using Carbon Fibre, mostly because half the fun is building the thing, the more custom the better!

I've been looking at using square carbon fiber tubing similar to this for the arms: http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/Category/Carbon-Fibre-Products/Carb...

Do you think this will be strong enough, and what Diameter do you think will be best for fitting the wiring internally etc? I was thinking the 10mm (8mm internal) would probably be about right.

Any tips or advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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Greetings and welcome to the flock!

I applaud your DIY spirit and am happy to meet another kindred.

CF is a viable product but very oversold, IMHO, as the ultimate material for multirotors. All materials are a trade-off between price, properties, and fabrication methods. I tend to lean to lowest-price-per-gram in my build philosophy.

That material looks very nice and should serve your ideas well. To get an idea of my build take a look at my blog post HERE.

The 3DR 'B' chassis was the pattern used for my first build. The lines and prototype work now ongoing is to shorten the arms and widen the body plates in an effort to contain all the electrics internally rather than using the 'wire ties around a tube' method. To be sure it works but I think it takes the casual-minimalist approach too far.

Good luck and stay with us!


Thanks for the reply. I've just read through your blog. Thanks for taking so much time posting it all, it will definitely be helpful.

You are welcome. If you need a zip file of the original 'B' chassis, that can be arranged also. It has dimensions and views. The 'C' is pretty much the same except the arms are shorter and they abandoned passing a long motor mount screw through the tube. Now have larger access screw hole and shorter screws.


The zip file would be great thanks. I'll PM you my email address.

Thanks again!


Thanks to Doug for sending me his sketches of the chassis. I've decided to go with Aluminium over CF as it's sooo much cheaper and should do the job just fine.

I've ordered it, now I'm just waiting for it to arrive before I can begin making a mess of it!

But wait, there's more!

I am pressing to (I hope) finish my Instructable for the DIYD sponsored contest. There will be many photos of building ideas and techniques that may help you on your quest to get airborne.


Check out my CF quad build. Its the second 'H' frame quad I have built, the first being mostly Kevlar. The arm mounting system is still working very well and keeping frame vibrations extremely low.

I am now thinking of a bigger machine and like the H quad layout but most bigger machines are 6 or 8.

H frame CF quad

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