CH6 Tuning doing something weird!?

I have previously used ch6 to tune individual parameters without any problems. Recently I have attempted to fine tune alt hold using the same method but now when I attempt to configure ch6 to alter any parameter, I get unexpected results.

For instance, selecting CH6_THROTTLE_KP with a min of 2 and a max of 5 (current setting 3.5) gives me mostly a result of 0 (zero) for Throttle Rate P but repeatedly refreshing the parameters occasionally yields low but apparent random numbers such as 0.0690 (attached screen shot). Using the terminal to test the tuning value shows a similarly low initial out of range number followed by a stream of numbers more like what I would expect (i.e in the specified minxmax). 

Attempting to fly my quad with ch6 tuning enabled is now a real handful with the selected parameter obviously way off as per the results in the MP.

Any help resolving this issue would be much appreciated as the tuning process becomes very labourious when I have to alter the values indoors attached to my PC, go out and test fly and repeating until I get a satisfactory result...



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  • This was resolved by disabling the use of Ch6 for the camera gimbal. I was using Ch6 for tilt adjustment which was obviously interfering with the Ch6 tune function. Setting the tilt dropdown box to 'Disabled' on the Camera Gimbal configuration screen in MP once again gave me the expected results when attempting to use Ch6 for tuning in flight. I initially got caught out because I was simply unchecking the 'Stabilze Tilt' checkbox, but this obviously still left Ch6 set up to manually adjust tilt.

    Perhaps a warning should be put in the Ch6 tuning settings regarding this in the MP as the could have a serious effect on performance is it is not caught before attempting to fly?

  • Do you have the correct PPM encoder firmware loaded?

  • Anyone out there have an idea what might be happening here? I would really appreciate some help on this as it is stopping me from moving forward at the moment...

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