Chanding parameters in flight?

I am trying to use a QX1 camera for mapping. I have a SeagullUAV trigger which triggers the camera with a certain PWM pulse width and toggles the camera on/off with another pulse width on the same port.

The problem is if I set the RC7 output as a trigger I cannot move the servo to any other position so I am unable to toggle the camera on/off. Since the camera shuts down after only 2 minutes of inactivity this is a bummer.

My possible solutions for this are:

-arduino between the rc7 output and seagull uav with a timer that sends a turn on command if no trigger was done in the last 2 minutes

-change to the arduplane trigger function to do the same thing as the point above

-And the third possibiltiy that I see is taking off with RC7 configured a generic servo and then changing the parameter RC7_Function to 10 so that it becomes a trigger and I can use the do_set_cam_trigger_dist parameter. Is there a way to automate this behaviour? Is this even recommended?


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