CHDK Camera Control

I'm trying to take pictures with my Canon S100. But when I follow the tutorial (, I meet some big problems.

FIRST: I am not sure the CHDK USB cable I did  is correct or not. Because there are two kinds of USB cable in the website.

SECOND: The tutorial tell me to set the parameter to Manual when I want to control my camera using my RC transmitter, but I can find the Manual button in Standard Parameters.

Third: When I use the script of 3DR_Shoot.bas trying to control my camera. The mistake happened. The camera take pictures continuously, cannot stop. I cannot use my RC transmitter to control it. 

SO~~ Can someone tall me how can I solve this problems??


2015-03-30 16.51.18.jpg

2015-03-30 15.33.21.jpg

2015-03-30 17.22.23.jpg

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  • Hey sorry it looks like you havent gotten much response, I will try to help you out.

    You may not realize this, but you posted this in the 3dr radio sub forum.  This forum is for the telemetry radios.  IF you need more help, try in the aerial photography forum.

    1st, with the cables you have there, unless you bought a specific cable, forget about plugging the camera cable into a normal PWM output.  The camera needs a single pulse for each image, a pwm port outputs about 60 pulses per second.  you will need to use one of the AUX ports on the pixhawk (I am assumeing a pixhawk here).

    2nd. On the pixhawk the signal output voltage is 3.3v, which is not enough to trigger the camera, you need a full 5v.  So you will need to make an adapter board/ cable that will convert the 3.3v to 5v.  There is a thread here on how to make one

    You will be triggering your camera in relay mode.  I recommend the 3dr EAS (or something similar) script.  Look at the documentation for the x8-m multirotor for how to set up your camera.

    Good luck, I know this can be frustrating. 

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