Hello everyone, 

All of you having an older APM, should know how to test, or update the firmware of your uBloxMediaTek GPS, 

witch is the right way to test our new daughter board GPS, or refirm it,  if:

- blue led keeps blinging

- measuring voltage on traces 1 with 3 or 8 gives ~3.12v 

- doing a CLI test responds to Lat : 0 Lon: 0 Alt: 127m, #Sats: 0

- View from telemetry: GPS status = 1 -GPSHDOP = 9999 -SAT COUNT = 0 

- Visualy looks ok

- Not smelling 

- waiting doesnt do anything

- resetting also

* i haven't tried: giving power only from usb on clear sky, reloading APM 2.0 firmware

* Dont know how: making a custom cable, plug it somewhere and follow this MediaTek

I will try some more ideas tonight and post the results

Any cool thoughts??  

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ok, i re measured  voltages from traces 1 & 3 on mediatek with an accurate voltage meter, resulted in 3.31v constant, so power shouldn't be an issue. Just to make sure guys: if my module was fried voltage shouldn't pass through, right?

Also i noticed that the 2 header pins on the back of the daughter board arent soldered, is that ok?

ok, maybe this helps someone.

I went out on clear sky again, but this time with my usb cable and nothing connected to APM 2.0,  In 1 minute it had 7 sats with excelent reception. 

i disconnected, and connected all my gear. this time i connected via 3dr radios.. like a miracle it started finding sats (slower this time) until 7 sats again...  So i suppose problem some how solved with the usb conection. 

hmm i was on 2.7.1 yesterday and when testing the board/controls/settings etc the gps works find. I updated to 2.7.3 today and with the exact same setup I have the same problem as you do. 

Tried doing the same thing you did (usb power and disconnected sonar/attopilot/esc/rx) but still having the same issue. I've been sitting here for almost an hour in my backyard with a clear view of the sky with no results. :( not sure what to do now...

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