Checking RTL / Home coordinates

Is there a way to read the coordinates for the RTL / Home waypoint? Can I send a command via the ttl cable to get the coordinates? I have stabilize and both flybywire options tuned for my easystar. However when testing RTL the plane appears to go into loitter mode. I am using the xbee modules and have the ground station operating. I can see the gps still has a lock, and that the mux changes to RTL on the ground station. However the bearing and dist remain the same as to go too waypoint 1. I currently have no waypoints loaded. I am using ardupilot with the shield, ir sensors, with z sensor, and MTK GPS. I am running ver 2.6. The breadcrum feature is working on the ground station, so I assume the gps setting is working right. It appears the data string is ok.Thanks for this great product.Joe 

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    When you're watching via the GCS, is the moving map working (ie, does it know where it is?).

    BTW, you should definitely upgrade to 2.7..
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