This is my first drone and these are my experiences: 

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 FPV is the most unconventional headless quadcopter drone. If you one of those guys who are intrigued by flying toys, this product is for you and your kid. This lmodel from Syma has improved on its First Person View (FPV) video facility. The remote controlled operation enhances your real time video recording experience.

My major advantages and disadvantages

The pros of this This drones is aquadcopter model are its lightweight, simple and straightforward controls that enables to perform in-air stunts.  It thumbs up for beginners who are willing to experiment with this model. Even though these advantages are good enough, there are down-sides too. The X5SW-V3 FPV does not with Android versions below 4.0, and most importantly it lacks an SD card slot. To add to the miseries, the camera quality is quite poor and will fail to impress you. You may not have that amazing experience with the FPV videos and images as you expect.

My final verdict

This product is easy to control and use, this will assuredly offer a great experience to any inquisitive and nerdy adolescent.

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