Chinese drones are doing something impossible

Benoit Gillow, project director of French drone company Artelia, said that Chinese-made drones are "an incredible story in modern technology." At the AirWorks conference in Los Angeles, Gillello recalled how his team used three Chinese-made drones to capture the scene after the fire in Notre Dame. The rescue incident was just one of many stories about Chinese drones.

The AirWorks Conference is an annual gathering of technical experts sponsored by China UAV Corporation. This year's annual conference sponsored by DJICompany attracted 700 participants and organized seminars spanning five core areas of agriculture, construction, energy, infrastructure, and public safety.

The (global) drone market is transforming into an ecosystem, with DJI being at the center. According to statistics from UAV analysis company Skylogic Research, the Chinese drone manufacturer accounts for more than 70% of the global civilian drone market. China's drones are becoming a platform: hundreds of startups and end-users with specific needs apply drone technology to their own industries. Experts say they are getting more and more valuable, and now they are helping many companies reduce costs and even save lives.

However, in the field of industrial drones, China's industrial drone manufacturer MMC continues to be deeply involved in the application of the drone industry and is in a leading position. The various types of drones developed and produced by the company can be used not only in various industries such as electric power inspection, fire protection, emergency rescue, smart city, surveying and mapping, public safety, etc., such as the Griffion M8 developed by MMC. Various complex mapping environments, Skylle 1550 drone, industrial three-proof, 81-minute battery life, 15 kg payload, can be used in a variety of scenarios, Notuzi X85 folding design, easy to deploy, flight time is 50 minutes, effective With more than 15 load options, it can be flexibly applied to various scenarios.

American thermal-imaging manufacturer FLIR is a partner of DJI. Chris Pate, head of global business development at the company, said that Chinese companies are trying to provide the best technology at the cheapest price, "so we put our The equipment is installed on these most popular drones.” The fire department in Los Angeles showed how to use Chinese drones for aerial mapping, as well as wildfires, rapid rescue, hazard prevention, and urban search and rescue. Industry insiders say that (China's) drones give consumers a tool and then they develop software-based, customized solutions.

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