Choosing an ArduCopter?

Hello, I am trying to research ArduCopters for my next UAV, but Im not sure whats the differance between the ArduCopter V1 with motors $326, and the ArduCopter 3DR with motors $295?

Im not sure what kind of battery, motor size, or props I need either... I would like to have anywhere from 10-20min flights, carring a video camera (not sure about FPV yet), and DIY myself a light weight probbly foam prop enclosure (Like the Parrot Drone).

I need to do all this as cheap as possible so I can submit it to my church for possible sponsorship, to capture aerial photograph for all events for my church.


Thank you for your time, let me know if you have any questions and or suggestions.


God Bless! 


Anthony Beeler

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    Hello Anthony,


    I have build and flown both of the kits, there is very little between them, these are my thoughts:



    The frame is a little more in weight, the holes drilled in the frame are very tight and need to be opened just a little to allow the screws to pass through without to much pushing and twisting! The 3DR seems to be a little stronger than that of the J drones ArduCopter, I guess this is due to the added weight. I also found the 3DR a little quicker to build.


    Arducopter Jdrones:

    The frame is easy to build all holes are drilled well, weight is down on the 3DR so a little better on flight time. Takes a little longer to build and is still good frame over all.


    As I said at the start, I have built and have flown both, there is no real diference in them, so go with the one you like the look of the best, you should be happy with either frame :)





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