Choosing Motors and Props

I'm a pretty decent programmer and good with electronics, but I don't know much about R/C airplanes or aviation. I want to work on a VTOL similar to The SCORPID-500 UAV. Does anyone know of some good reads on choosing motors and props? I downloaded the Drive Calc but I don't quite understand the graph.

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    Hi Ethan,

    For prop and motor size you will normally need to know what the models weight is, you would then work out which prop and motor combo is needed.

    For all off the shelf model kits you will see that there is a recommended engine/motor size, this engine/motor then has a a recommended set of props that will work with that engine.

    The general rule for the choices of motor are as follows:

    70-90 watts/lb. Trainer and slow flying aerobatic models.

    90-110 watts/lb. Sport aerobatic and fast flying scale models.

    110-130 watts/lb. advanced aerobatic and high speed models

    130-150 watts/lb. Lightly loaded 3D models and ducted fans.

    150-200+ watts/lb. Unlimited performance 3D models.

    The order of setting up the system will normally follow the following steps,

    Know the weight of your model, then prop & motor selection to provide the lift/power needed, then choose the esc, the esc should be a little over rated if you think you will be running near the top end of the esc rating. Then the battery to power it all.

    Take a look at this link, it's for fixed wing planes but I hope you would be able to apply this information to your project.

    I hope this has started you off in the correct direction.


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