• Thanks! That clears things up a lot. Now my question is: do most modern charger/balancers know when a battery is completely charged and stop charging when that point is reached?
  • Charge rate depends on the mAh capacity of the pack. Drop the "h" and you have the save charge current.

    2200mAh - charge at 2.2A.
    1350mAh - charge at 1.3A.
    It should take roughly an hour to charge a fully depleted back.

    These days alot of people charge at higher currents assuming that you have a balancing charger capable of it. Twice or triple the 1 hour charge rate are sometimes advertised. I would only suggest doing that if you know what you're doing though. Charging an unbalanced lipo at excessively high rates can result in a fire.

  • Always 1C!
    Keeps batts going long and fresh ;-)
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