Hey guys, I'm tasked with building a CineStar 8 w/ APM2.5 and "all the bells and whistles" so to speak. I've diagrammed all the components and how they should link together in preparation. Would someone experienced please take a look and tell me what I've done wrong? Additionally, I have a few questions:

1) Have I hooked up the auxiliary battery supply correctly? The idea is to have the APM, GPS, and main receiver powered via the Power Module off the flight battery, and then have everything else (Gimbal servos, FPV Cam, OSD, 3DR, LED I/O, etc.) be powered by a 12V auxiliary battery (3S 1200 mAh). If we added dual operator capability, I'd use a BEC to power the second Rx.

2) Is there any point in hooking the gimbal's pan servo to the APM?

3) Since the APM has the Power Module, do I need to supply power from one of the ESC's (as pictured w/ question mark)?

4) Any ideas on a telemetry splitter cable solution?

5) Ditto for all the 12V stuff coming off the auxiliary battery.

6) Is there any point in using both the 3DR wireless telem and the OSD? I'm not sure I understand the benefit of the 3DR if you've already got the APM telemetry on screen via the OSD (which reveals my ignorance)

Thanks for taking a look. This is my first stab at this sort of thing, so I'm sure I've messed many things.

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Bumping to hopefully get some input on this.

I've updated the diagram to include an optional 2nd receiver for the gimbals (dual operator mode). I haven't included the associated FPV Tx and Camera, but it should be straightforward.

I found a thread where Jani showed a jDrones telemetry expander board which would ease the installation of MinimOSD with jDrones I/O Board and radio telemetry, but I haven't yet found it on the jDrones store. If I can't source that, I'll just make a custom 3-way telemetry cable with standard pin headers.

I'm not sure about the 12V auxiliary power distribution, but I was thinking that a 2x8 shrouded male pin header with a wire soldered along the bottom pins (with EC5 battery connector) to make a bus bar might work. Then the servos, IO board, camera, video Tx, BEC, etc can get power from this using a 2-pin female pin header cable. Any thoughts on that, or how to seal such an assembly with heat shrink?

I still wonder about connecting a 5V source from a motor ESC to the APM (dashed line in diagram). I don't think this is necessary since the Power Module powers the APM, GPS, Flight Rx, and all the telemetry gadgets via the FTDI telemetry cable, but I may misunderstand things.

Thanks in advance.

I am in the process putting LEDs on my hexa using the JD-IOBoard. The pins you are using for the ground on the hi power input isn't correct, at least not on the one I got last week. I read that Jani is planning on putting a ground there (it would make a ton of sense since its on the opposite side of the board so you can solder a header on). I am wiring a JST plug to the high power input and ground, and building a splitter for my 3s output (I use a little battery monitor on my 3s output just for my own peace of mind) that has a jst output. That way I can plug a 1000mah 3s aux battery or use my main battery to power the LEDs. I'm building a telemtry splitter our of 2x3 headers. Doesn't look like Jani has leased his splitter yet and I don't see anything else out there short of soldering up a special cable. I think a little header board with each set of 3 pins shorted together for flexibility makes the most sense.

Thanks for looking, Dave. Yeah, I know that the ground and high power input are on opposite sides of the jDrones IO board, I just diagrammed it that way so it would look nicer. I'll probably end up putting on an EC5 for connection to the auxiliary 3S, or just use standard headers and a 12 V power rail made from a male 2x8 header (what I've decided to use for the big question mark on the figure).

There's some other mistakes with the power requirements for the auxiliary stuff (gimbal servos, FPV Tx, Cam, etc), but I've revised those subsequently. I didn't post the updated diagram because this thread didn't really get much attention. However, we've ordered everything and I'm just waiting for the stuff to get here to get started.

I talked to someone at jDrones about the telem splitter, and they were hoping to have them by the end of February. It's a nice little bit of kit, but I also decided to wire up my own splitter with the headers. Since I'll have the 3DR Telem, the MinimOSD, and the IO all getting telem, I'm going with 3 1x4 headers and I'm planning on either making a frankencable, or just solder them on a small PCB.

Yeah.  I guess I should use a 1 X 4 as well since I plan to do FPV someday.  I'm a little concerned about the common ground with multiple batteries.  As long as there's diodes in the right places, it shouldn't be a problem, but I'm not sure how to verify that ahead of having a problem.  I see people do that with APM so I guess it's ok....

Here's the updated diagram, just for kicks:

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