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When using the automatic takeoff and landing system it would be very useful if a "change altitude while loitering" command were present. If the mission altitude is high, a very long glideslope has to be planned for Arduplane to lose enough altitude to actually land on the ground without going way beyond the runway. The same is true for takeoff: If I want to start my mission high above the home location, I currently plan manual "circles" for Ardupilot to reach mission altitude.

Both of these problems would be resolved if I could program Arduplane to circle while gaining / losing altitude. Is there such a command already implemented? If not, would it be possible to?

By the way: Can't wait to try out 2.74! 2.73 was a delight to fly after some releases where I had to revert to 2.62. Thank you all for your hard work!



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  • I would like to add my voice to this, even though the post is over 6 months old. This could be very useful as a starting point for landing in tight spaces and doing this by hand is a pain, even with the ability to create circular waypoint patterns.

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