Clarification on pixhack wiring

Can anyone help me to clarify this issue?  I have found just tons of conflicting I format and the docs on the ardupilot wiki are not clear...

I am trying to use 6 servos with my pixhack ap... I am mostly following the docs for pixhawk being that from what I understand they are basically the same besides the vibration dampening...  I have put the zener diode/capacitor to the aux 1 port.  The ESC I am using outputs a steady 5 volts so I am gathering that can be used for the BEC.  So I have that plugged into the pwm3 port as it normally would be.  Now am I safe to plug the servos in just normally to the other pwm ports?  Or do I need to remove the power wires from the servos and route them somewhere else?  If I do have to do that, do I need to split the ground and run that some where else as well?  Any info is greatly appreciated... I am anxious to get this project maidened

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