Hallo all,

I´m with the new APM2.5, firmware V-2.7.3. When I open CLI, it displays what appears on the attached image (CLI). The "hieroglyph" appears endless until I hit enter 3 times. Also says, "No dataflash inserted".

In addition, when I try to check out the logos, the board hangs and I must to reboot it (see attached image -CLI_02-)

I'm starting ... Something wrong?


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Long time haven't seen .bmp files :)

Anderl, check that thread and comments: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/why-is-my-cli-doing-this

Hello Marooned!

"Print screen" button + (Ctrl+V) in Paint, save and ready... but if you prefer, I can give the file any format with Gimp. :-)

Thanks for your answer. I searched the forum but did not find that thread. I think it's because they have not added any tags to the thread ... Well, that thread explains why the "hieroglyphic", however, the problem is that the CLI tells "no dataflash inserted" and I can not access the logs.

I have read this,


and this,


and this,


But all these threads refers to APM1 and APM2. I can't solder the daughterboard closer to the APM 2.0 baseboard as possible solution...

I also added an extra line to "APM_config.h", "# define logging_enabled ENABLED". This should not be necessary because this option is predefined in "config. h"...

I also reloaded the firmware and run the command "reset" in setup mode. Nothing helps. 

Any ideas?

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