Close to devistating crash, what went wrong?

During a 2 minute hover in loiter i decided to do a 360 yaw to get a panorama, however the copter suddenly cut power and fell i was not able to input control until suddenly it just throttled back up.

Any idea what happened?

How do i download the log files?

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  • Hm.

    Unlike most of the obvious ones, where a motor/prop/ESC fails, yours kept straight, and recovered (ruling out most electrical problems).

    Obvious first one, would be a radio control RX set to 'fail' to sticks central with low throttle. That would give your symptoms, and then as it fell the signal picked back up. So what RX, and how is it's 'no signal' setup configured?.

    Second, is that there have been some reports of power loss during yaw, though most seem to be 'momentary', while yours lasted for a significant time.

    Third some sort of power failure.

    The logs are the place to look.

    USB connection

    Mission planner

    Terminal tab.

    Top of screen under the main tabs. 'Log download'

    You'll have a lot, if you haven't been downloading/clearing....

    Best Wishes

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